• Is there training provided to non-clinical, front-facing staff
about human trafficking and modern slavery in your Trust? No
• If training is delivered in your Trust, which staff receive or
are eligible to receive this training? N/A Is the training compulsory
and how is attendance / completion measured? N/A What format does this
training take (e.g. e-learning, face-to-face, etc.)? N/A How long does
the training take to complete? N/A
• If there is no training in your Trust, is human trafficking
incorporated into a safeguarding training programme or policy? Human trafficking is mentioned in the L1, 2 and 3 adult safeguarding and in L2 children’s safeguarding training.
If it is part of a safeguarding programme, does that programme also
include a section on the Prevent policy? Information is also provided on PREVENT, furthermore additional training is held on PREVENT.
• For either stand-alone training or training which is incorporated
into a safeguarding programme or policy (please specify which): Are
staff trained in potential clinical indicators for human
trafficking victims? No Are staff trained in who to refer a potential
human trafficking case to? Yes Are staff trained on the questions to
ask to ascertain whether a patient is a victim of human
trafficking? No How often is the training completed? N/A

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