1. Does your Trust currently utilise a Direct Engagement (DE) model?YES

2. If Yes, who currently provides the service;

a. Brookson

b. Liaison/ PWC (StafFlow)

c. Liaison (TEMPre)

d. 24/7 Time

e. Other (please specify here)……………………….. 


3. What proportion (in percentage) of your agency workers for the following staff groups are directly engaged:

a. Medical Locums/Doctors (e.g. Acute, Emergency, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Neurosurgery, Dermatology, Cardiology) Not known

b. Allied Health Professionals/Health Science Staff (e.g. Biomedical Science, Clinical Physiology (Cardiology), Dietician, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Talking Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Psychology, Anatomical Pathology) Not known

4. What percentage are you charged for the management of these services? 6%

5. When was the DE contract awarded? Pilot programme agreed June 2016 for 6 months. To be reviewed in October.

6. What is the contract duration? N/A

7. What was the motivation with engaging with these services? To ensure compliance around DE.

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