I am seeking information under the Freedom of Information Act relating to hip implants.

Please provide the number of hip implant revisions the Trust has carried out in the last three calendar years. For your information, a hip implant revision is the surgery carried out on someone who has previously had a hip replacement. The revision involves either resurfacing the device that was initially implanted or replacing it. 

2013    19

2014    23

2015    21

And, provided it does not exceed the cost limit, please provide information on the initial implant which had to be revised in the revision surgery – namely the type of implant (ie metal-on-metal, ceramic-on-metal etc etc) and the manufacturer.  To obtain this information the Trust would need to scrutinise individual healthcare records as it is not recorded on the Patient Administration System and, therefore, the cost of compliance would exceed the appropriate limit under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.

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