Event: Insomnia and alcohol services making a positive difference

Thank you to all those who attended our inaugural health event Let’s get back to better health – Insomnia and Alcohol services making a positive difference!  If you were unable to join us on the day, you are still able to watch it back here.

Watch our experts in insomnia and alcohol addiction to hear how they are supporting patients to establish healthier relationships with sleep and alcohol. 

Treating insomnia - better sleep is no longer a dream

Speakers: Louise Berger, Helen McNamara and Susan Hayes, Occupational Therapists specialising in sleep medicine. 

Did you know that up to 30% of adults in the UK struggle with falling and staying asleep? And that poor sleep hugely impacts physical health, mental health and quality of life? 

The speakers will give insight into the insomnia service available at our hospital, the treatment provided and how lives are changed through improved sleep.

If you struggle with your own sleep you will learn what we do and how to get help. If you are a GP then this talk will give you the confidence to identify and refer suitable patients.

If you would like to understand what causes insomnia and most importantly, how to improve your sleep then listen to the Say Goodnight to Insomnia podcast by Louise Berger, Royal Surrey's Insomnia Service Team Lead.

Alcohol awareness helping people to make better choices

Speaker: Anthony Gartland, Lead Nurse to the Alcohol Liaison Service  

The pandemic has been stressful and alcohol consumption increased globally. Anthony will talk about the prevalence of alcoholism and the support offered by Royal Surrey’s alcohol liaison offers.  

You will hear how the team works with the Emergency Department and alcohol-related liver transplant patients, as well as support clinics and community partners to help patients stabilise, reduce or stop drinking alcohol.  

You can also find out more about the self-management processes available and the Drink Talking Online Portal, a valuable educational resource for patients, families and clinicians that Anthony played a key role in developing. The portal was recognised in this year’s Health Service Journal Partnership Awards for Best Educational Programme for the NHS.    

This event was hosted by Governors Joan Juniper, Waverley Public Governor and Chair of the Membership and Community Engagement Committee, and Jenny Partridge, Mole Valley Public Governor and Chair of the Patient Experience Committee. They discussed the important role of our members and how patients have helped drive improvements within the Trust. 

This event is part of our Health Events series which everyone is welcome to join. They provide an opportunity for members, colleagues and the wider community to discover more about Royal Surrey’s expertise and vital services. 

If you would like to ask our presenters any questions following the event please contact us at rsc-tr.membership@nhs.net.