I am interested in the relationship (if any) between your
organisation and the Hampshire Health Record (clinical data

• Please could you tell me whether your organisation has commenced
extracting and uploading personal confidential hospital data about
patients to the HHR? No

• If not commenced already, do you have plans to commence feeds
into the HHR at anytime between now and 31st March 2017? No

If the answer to both of the above is no, then thank you very much,
ignore the remainder of this request, and please consider my
request closed.

However, if your organisation has already commenced uploading, or
is planning to before March 31st 2017, then please can you provide
me with the following:

• Any and all fair processing information
(posters/leaflets/handouts) made available, or planning to be made
available, to patients informing them of this new use of their data

• Any and all policies on the implementation of HHR feeds by your

• The types of information that you will be extracting and
uploading to the HHR

• The opt-out form (or process) available to patients to express
dissent to this type of processing of their data, and so block
uploading of their personal confidential data to the HHR by your
organisation (in line with the DPA and NHS Constitution)

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