Upheld Complaints

Below, please find a list of anonymised upheld complaints and the action taken by the Trust in response:

The husband of a patient complained about the condition of the floor in the Nuclear Medicine department.
The Trust’s Health & Safety Advisor is to conduct an urgent inspection of the area and to provide a view of the safety of the flooring and any remedial action required.

The patient raised concerns regarding the limited facilities in Radiotherapy.
Benches are being purchased to put into the changing rooms and coat hooks will be installed. Quotes have also been received for three additional patient toilets to be fitted.

Patient complained that copies of his letters and phone calls made to his doctor are not recorded in his medical file.
The Trust apologised to the patient. The department is experiencing staffing difficulties and administrative delays.

Patient has complained about the flooring in the toilets on Level B.
Repair to gent’s toilet flooring has been completed.

Patient complained about the manner and behaviour of a nurse.
The Director of Nursing telephoned the patient to apologise. The nurse in question was a bank member of staff who is no longer employed by the hospital.

The patient complained that she was late attending her appointment as there were no car park spaces available at the hospital.
An explanation was given in regard to current planning applications.

 The patient complained via her MP that two appointments have been cancelled in Ophthalmology.
The Trust apologised and explained that the postponements were due to the industrial action.

 A patient was asked to attend the hospital for an endoscopy, which was due to be carried out under general anaesthetic. There was confusion as to where the patient needed to be and resulted in delays.
The Trust apologised for the miscommunication.

 A patient complained that he attended the Short Stay Surgical Unit for an operation only to discover his consultant was on holiday. He also raised concerns about phone calls not being returned.
The Trust apologised. A new process is also being developed to support patient better where procedures are cancelled and have to be re-booked.

 Patient complained that although a letter from Physiotherapy stated their treatment ended “a few months ago” – it ended in October.  The letter is not dated, nor does it provide a telephone number.
Patient was included on an audit that Physiotherapy were undertaking, but they did not fully explain why or sign it.  Staff have been asked to be more clear when sending such information out.

Patient complained about a misdiagnosis of her thyroid cancer, the lack of communication from the doctor after writing twice to him for further information/advice.
The Trust apologised. The initial ‘interim’ findings were that it was benign, however this changed in the formal report. The consultant wrote to the patient explaining the change in results.

Patient complains about his appointments being cancelled twice without appropriate notification.
The appointments were cancelled due to the junior doctor strikes.

Patient complained about the delay of an urgent referral and the subsequent cancellation of their operation.
The Trust apologised and explained that the surgery was cancelled due to capacity issues.

Parents of patient complained about delays in their child’s neurology appointment.  She was referred in August and offered an initial appointment in January. Paid for private treatment but have received no findings/treatments/medication as a result of test.
The Trust apologised to the family for the lack of diagnosis and treatment. Appointment arranged.

Patient complained about the behaviour of a Healthcare assistant during her stay in Millbridge Ward.
The Head of Nursing telephoned the complainant to apologise and the member of staff was provided with feedback.

Patient’s husband complained about the discharge arrangements put in place for his wife after breast surgery.
The Trust apologised for the lack of bed capacity and increased demand of emergency admissions impacted on patient’s hospital stay.

A visitor to the hospital complained that they fell in the car park after tripping on a manhole cover.
The Trust took action to inspect and repair the manhole cover.

A GP complained that he is receiving repeat correspondence that relates to a patient who is not registered at his surgery.
The Trust has now rectified the error.

The patient complained that she was admitted to Compton Ward, where she explained the importance of her PICC line to the nursing staff, but suffered problems throughout her stay. Patient raised concerns about the lack of IV trained nurses.
The Trust apologised to the patient. They were also thanked for highlighting the issues they experienced, which have now been actioned.

The patient complained about the doctor’s difficulty with the English language and expressed concern that her medical notes had not been read prior to the appointment.
The Specialty Manager has called the patient and apologised for her experience. The patient has been offered a follow-up appointment to be seen again in clinic.

The nephew of a patient complained about the delay he experienced in receiving the news that his aunt had passed away.
The Trust apologised for the delay and will ensure it is raised with the ward.

The patient complained that he received two follow-up appointments, which were confirmed as necessary. At the second appointment they experienced at three hour wait and were given the same information.
The Trust apologised to the patient and explained the second appointment was made in error.

The complainant raised concerns that they spent 50 minutes looking for a parking space.
The Trust apologised and informed the patient of the current planning application to improve parking.

The patient complained of three main failures in Glaucoma Clinic – missing results, clinics cancelled, results of MRI took six months to find.
The Trust apologised for the errors and assured the patient that measures have been put in place to ensure similar problems do not arise.

 Patient complained via their local MP of problems they had experienced at Ophthalmology outpatient appointments. This included referral to incorrect clinic, and post-operative follow-up appointment cancelled due to lack of doctors.
The Trust apologised to the patient.

The patient complained that they missed an appointment due to the lack of car park spaces.
The Trust apologised and informed the patient of the current planning application to improve parking.

The patient complained about lack of car parking spaces, which has resulted on appointments being missed.
The Trust explained the current planning application to improve parking.

The wife of a patient complained that two nurses on Onslow Ward were brusque and uncaring with her during her last hours with her husband.
The Trust offered its full apologies to the complainant. The two nursing staff have been identified and appropriate action taken.

The mother of a child patient who fell from a tree complained that the doctor examined her son in a manner. The boy was x-rayed but the doctor assured his mother there were no fractures. Three days later three fractures were identified.
The Trust offered the patient full apologies . The images of the x-ray did show fractures that were not identified by the doctor when the patient was in A&E.

Father-to-be complained that he missed important baby scan as he was trying to park for 55 minutes.
The Trust offered an explanation in regard to the planning applications.

The patient complained about the new location of the desensitisation clinic in the Medical Day Unit.  They raised concerns about the size of the space, with patients’ privacy and dignity being greatly compromised.
The relocation of this clinic was need because of a significant increase in the number of patients being referred to our ENT services under the Two-Week Rule.  As the Immunology Desensitisation clinic operated within some of the ENT clinic space it was required to relocate. This situation is currently being monitored and, if required, clinic numbers will be further reduced to manage the issues raised.

The patient’s family complained about a delay in the patient receiving an MRI scan after they attended A&E. The patient was later blue lighted to St George’s to their neurological team.
Results of tests undertaken were not immediately suggestive of condition.  It has been acknowledged that patient was very unlucky to have two concurrent, but separate, pathologies at the same time.

Patient complained that oral surgery in December 2014 left him in Intensive Care and since discharge his condition has deteriorated, leaving him with problems with breathing, trouble walking any distance, negotiating stairs and doing most normal activities.  Patient was promised there would be an inquiry, but has heard nothing to date.
The patient was incorrectly advised that there would be an investigation into his care following his procedure. Subsequently a further in-depth investigation surrounding patient’s care has taken place. This aimed to identify the root cause of these events and to identify and implement appropriate changes in the services delivered.

The patient complained that she was sent to the wrong outpatient department by a receptionist.  The patient also raised concerns about the manner of an outpatient department nurse and claimed that her test results were unavailable.
The Trust apologised for the poor directions given and explained that clinic signage is being improved. The Trust also apologised that the results were not available.

Patient complained that he waited for 90 minutes after checking in before querying the delay. He was informed that the check-in screens do not always work and that the doctor had gone home.  The patient had been sent to the hospital as an urgent referral and therefore asked to see another doctor, but was advised to make a new appointment by telephone.
The Trust apologised to the patient. They logged on to the electronic systems under different first name and therefore wrong name was called out when the electronic check-in was not completed. The doctor would have seen patient on day had he been called back, but outpatient staff booked another appointment. 

The neighbour of an elderly patient wrote to complain that they had arrived on two occasions for out patients appointments which they had not been told were cancelled.
Staff have been reminded the need to always call patients when cancelling or rescheduling appointments at short notice.

The patient complained about the administrative service in Cardiology after an incorrect address was written on a clinic letter, a delay in his results being dictated and then typed. They  also complained about the outpatient administrative service
The Trust offered its apologies for the administrative errors.

St Luke’s patient who was admitted to Millbridge Ward complained pain relief, anti-sickness drugs and fluids were not given for hours – after Radiotherapy treatment. Over following days, pain relief and anti-sickness meds were not timed correctly and patient was not able to eat or drink.
The Trust has made changes in practice.

The Trust received a complaint regarding a new fence and advertising banner blocking/restricting sight line for vehicles leaving patient car park.
The banner and part of the fence has now been removed.

Patient complained about length of time taken to be seen, missed appointment as no letter sent by Appointments Team and fact that there do not seem to be enough Consultants.
The Trust apologised after the patient had to wait 35 days for an appointment.


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