We offer mums and mum-to-be, as well as other family members, the chance to attend one of our forums or coffee mornings to learn more from experienced midwives and meet other mums/families.

Home Birth Forum

The Home Birth Forum is an informal meeting run by the Surrey Hills Homebirth Team and is attended by both mums-to-be who are planning on having a homebirth as well as mums who have already had a homebirth. 

Come and listen to other mum’s experience of homebirth or pop along for a chat with one of the homebirth midwives. 

The coffee mornings are free and run on a monthly basis.

For more information on homebirth then please contact Tanya Ashton on 07467 339 395 or email

For dates and times of the coffee mornings then please visit here.

The Surrey Meadows Meet the Midwife Forum

The Surrey Meadows Team provides continuity of care for women who meet a required criteria and live within a defined geographical area. If you are being cared for by the Surrey Meadows continuity of care team you will be invited to attend the Meet the Midwife Forums which are held monthly in the Godalming/Cranleigh area.

This is an opportunity for women to meet and get to know all the midwives in the small team  so that when you come in to the hospital to have your baby they are hopefully cared for by someone they know.

The Maternity Service are working hard to develop this model of care so that it can be made available to more women in this area.

Please ask your Surrey Meadows midwife for the Meet the Midwife Forum dates.

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