1. How many FOI officers work in your Trust? 1 WTE 

2. How many employees does your Trust have in total? 3,800 

3. How many FOI requests did you receive from 1st jan 2015 to 1st jan 2016? Information held by financial calendar year – 1st April 2015 to 31 March 2016 – 537 FOI requests received. 

4. Is there more than 1 FOI officer in your Trust? Yes 

5. What grade is the FOI officer? Band 7 and Band 5

6. How many IG officers do you have in your Trust? Two 

7. How many of these are Data Protection Officers? One 

8. What grades are the IG officers broken down by job title? Band 7 and Band 5 

9. Do you cover more than one Trust for IG and FOIs? No 

10. If the FOI officer has more than one role how much time is allocated to process the

requests?  Band 5 x 3 days a week, Band 7 x 2 days a week. 

11. Do you have a policy on FOI if so please send a copy 

FOI Policy

12. Does the FOI officer have the qualification ISEB or any qualifications relating to FOIs Yes.

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