This is a Freedom of Information request to see some documents regarding the organisation’s ICT Department.

Regarding these documents, please provide the most recent version of the document. 

I’d like to see the following documents:

1. ICT/IT Strategy – The ICT/IT department’s strategy or plans; highlights their current and future objectives.


Digital Strategy

2. ICT Org Chart – A visual document that represents the structure of the ICT/IT department; please include name and job titles. If names can’t be provided, a job title only chart is still of use.


Digital Infrustructure

3. ICT Annual or Business Plan – A sort of action plan, based on the ICT/IT strategy for the year or near-future.

None in place.


4. ICT Capital Programme/budget – A document that shows the financial budget on current and future ICT/IT projects.


Capital Plan

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