Please provide a list of the hospitals within the remit of Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS FoundationTrust which have a Specialist Stroke Unit (by which we mean a stroke unit with a 24 hours a day/7 days a week available team with access to a scanner and operator capable of triage for thrombotic /hemorrhagic stroke identification and location, presence of readily available infusion products and neurologist on call and follow up care). 

In respect of each Specialist Stroke Unit on the list that you provide, please include:

1. The address of the Stroke Unit;

2. Their emergency telephone number (or, where there is no such number available, a telephone number for the hospital switchboard on which the relevant Stroke Unit may be contacted); and

3. If the capability to use surgical techniques to remove some thromboses via catheter is available in the relevant Specialist Stroke Unit (or if only available in certain more specialised stroke units please identify the units where such techniques are available).

The stroke unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is both an acute stroke unit and a rehabilitation unit.

This is based on Wisley ward which can be contacted through the hospital switchboard 01483 571122.

All emergency stroke cases are seen at our partner Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Thrombectomy cases are reviewed through the out of hours network with Frimley Health and referrals are made to colleagues at St George’s Hospital in London.

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