We are seeking a list or database of installed gas appliances, categorised into groups such as:



  • Boilers – condensing/non-condensing, wet central heating systems
  • Water Heaters – instantaneous, continuous, storage water heaters
  • Dry (Warm Air) Convection Systems – direct/indirect air heaters
  • Radiant Heaters – luminous (plaque) and non-luminous (tube)



  • Ovens – deck ovens, pizza ovens, rack ovens
  • Steamers & Combi Ovens – combi-steam ovens, atmospheric steamers
  • Hobs & Grills – hobs, grills, griddles, barbecues, salamander grills, rotisserie grills
  • Water & Oil Heaters – fryers, pasta/noodle boilers, bratt pans


For each appliance, it would be useful to know the output rating, in either kW or BTU/hr, and the installed date.


We are also looking to know the facility/facility type in which each appliance is found, for example:


  • General acute hospital
  • Specialist hospital
  • Mixed service hospital
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Community hospital
  • Support facilities
  • Hospitality – cafes, restaurants
  • Other non-clinical space – medical record storage, offices, retail sales area


We wish to obtain as recent data as is possible – ideally from 2018 or 2019. However, any data from proceeding years which could present market trends would also be favourable.

All appliances in catering areas of the Trust are powered by electricity. For the appliances related to heating, please find information in the below spreadsheet.


Heating appliances details

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