I am emailing with a Freedom of Information request, regarding: as of current date, please could you answer the below questions


Questions Comments
How many theatres do you have 16
Are they centrally located No
What type of inventory management system do you have? Omnicell
If you do not use an electronic system, how do you manage your stores N/A
How long have you had this system Approximately 5 years
Have you had a previous system in place, if so what? No
What staff resource do you have in place for your system/stores We have a procurement team who manage theatre storage. No theatre staff are allocated to run theatre storage system.
Are you GS1 Compliant Yes
What are you expecting from your system Automatic reordering by system when stock levels reach minimum stock holding levels. The ability to change stock levels and items easily if required. The ability to see reports on stock holding, usage, costs, surgeon’s cardex for procedures, book items to specific patient’s for costing purposes, automatic alerts when stock levels are below minimum holding level, alert when stock order has been processed and stock has not been replenished in the designated time frame and the ability to book stock to other departments.



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