Q1) Please provide the name of your Trust

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Q2) Do you have a contract with Bounty, whose representatives hand out ‘Bounty Packs’ to new mothers on maternity wards? – Yes


Q3) If you answered YES to Question 2,  how much money did your trust receive from Bounty in the financial years; – Please see the Bounty FOI Policy attached.

a) 2015/16

b) 2016/17 

c) 2017/18 


Q4) Please explain how the payment from Bounty is calculated (ie a pre-agreed figure, or a set payment per child born in your care) – Please see the Bounty FOI Policy attached.


Q5) How many babies were born in your care during the financial years;

a) 2015/16 – 3,523

b) 2016/17 – 3,255

c) 2017/18 – 3,105


Bounty FOI Policy

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