In 2012, a cross-government strategy was put together around preventing suicide. report identified that doctors and nurses had a ‘particularly high’ suicide risk compared to other occupational groups [see page 9]. I am interested only in data relating to nurses/nursing staff. For the purposes of this FOI, I define this to relate to those who hold a registered nursing qualification with the Nursing and Midwifery Council who are on Agenda for Change band 5 or upwards.


1) Please state the number of deaths in service [ie: during employment, but not necessarily on the premises or during working hours] of nursing staff employed by your organisation since 2012.  One


2)(i) Please state how many of the total deaths were recorded, known or otherwise suspected to be suicide?  The Trust does not record the cause of death.

        (ii) Please state what the different categories of cause of death were recorded as, for the purposes of the organisation’s own reporting and recording. For example; cancer, heart failure, suicide etc.

3)    Please include copies of any ‘death in service’ procedure or policy the organisation uses.  The Trust does not have a Death in Service procedure.


4)    Please describe if there is any work in progress to address mental health needs or suicide risk among your nursing workforce, or alternatively where there have been suicides whether there have been any changes in workplace practices as a result?  The Trust is not aware of any new initiatives relating to staff mental health needs.


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