1) We understand the CCG/Trust has representation on the following medicines management / prescribing / formulary committees:

  • Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Drugs and Therapeutics Committee

Please confirm if this is correct. Yes.

2) Does the CCG/Trust have representation on any other medicines management / prescribing / formulary committees? If so, please advise which. Yes – Surrey Prescribing Clinical Network, CCG medicines optimization group.

3) We have the following formularies listed as used by the CCG/Trust:

  • Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Formulary

Please confirm if this is correct and if not, please provide a link/copy of relevant formularies. No – we use the RSCH/Guildford and Waverley CCG joint formularly. This is accessible via the net formulary app, available through all reputable app stores.

4) Are any of the above formularies dominant when making prescribing decisions or does this depend on therapy area? All prescribing decisions should be formulary based or exception form completed.


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