1. Supplier of the contract for CCTV maintenance and supportAbsolute Security

2. How much the Trust spend annually with the supplier? Information sought in regards to Trust spend annually with the supplier has been withheld on the basis of the exemption contained within section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (Commercial Interests). The Trust accepts that there is a public interest in how public money is spent; however there is also a need to withhold information that would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust and/or third parties.  In assessing the public interest, the Trust takes the view that this would be the case in this instance that this information could harm future agreements with suppliers, if for example, the request has come from a supplier who can see that a competitor is charging more than they currently are.

3. What is the renewal date of this contract?October 2021

4. What is the duration of the contract?3 years

5. What is the review date of this contract? If possible the likely outcome of this review. June 2021

6. The primary brand of the CCTV equipment. I don’t require the model just the brand. Avigilion

7. The description of the services provided under this contract. Please state if this contract includes more than just CCTV services. Maintenance of CCTV, Panic Alarms and limited Access Control

8. Contact details of the employee responsible for the contract between the supplier and the organisation. Can you please provide me with their full contact details. Bouygues


On 10 November you requested the following additional information:

In regards to Q.2 could you please send me the average annual spend for this contract?£20-30k per year direct from the Trust.

Can you send me the job title of the person who overseas this contract, please?the key point of contact for this matter is Darren Little, Head of Security.



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