1. What percentage fill rates (doctors) were reached between January and present? This data is unavailable as it is not captured in a consistent way – there is no central monitoring of total shifts requested against total shifts filled for this group of staff. The collation of this information would require manual calculation of records which would go above and beyond the timeframe specified under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act. 

2. Does your organisation use a Direct Engagement scheme? If so, who provides it and when does their contract expire?  Brookson Medical Care Services, no expiry date.

 3. What percentage of bookings are made outside of the DE model (non-DE)? Zero

 4. Do you outsource any of the following services to external companies:

  • Provision of Residential Medical Officers – N/A
  • Gastroenterology/Endoscopy – N/A
  • Dermatology – N/A
  • Radiology – Some MRI scans 

5. Do you use agencies for national and international permanent doctor and/or nursing recruitment? If so, do you employ nurses from the Philippines? The Trust utilises the services of two framework agencies; one for overseas nurses and another for overseas doctors. The Trust employs nurses from The Philippines, via the aforementioned framework supplier.

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