Please can you tell me how many pathologists the trust has employed in each year for the last 6 years? 

Over the last 6 years Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services has had a total of 13 pathologists conduct routine Coroner’s post mortems. 

Also, for each year over the past 6 years please can you provide me with:

  • the date a body arrived at the mortuary
  • the date a post mortem was started on this body
  • the date release papers were signed to allow this body to be removed from the mortuary following the completion of the post mortem

The information requested is not held centrally and would require individual healthcare records to be manually assessed to provide a data a post mortem was started and therefore, the information requested is exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act since the cost of compliance would exceed the appropriate limit.

The Coroner will hold the information sought regarding the date body arrived in mortuary and the date release papers were signed because they instruct for the deceased to be brought to RSCH mortuary.


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