a) How many MRI scans were aborted for reasons related to the patient being too large or heavy to use the scanner for each of the last three financial years (April 1 2015 – March 31 2016, April 1 2016 – March 31 2017,  April 1 2017 – March 31 2018) and between April 2018 and the current date if recorded.

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not collect this data.  Patients are vetted for weight and size prior to being booked for our scanner to mitigate the scan appointment being wasted and the scan aborted. 

b) i) Has your you trust purchased extra-large scanners  (if information held) ? (The hole size of standard scanner measures 68cm (26in) and some hospitals put a 25-stone (158kg) limit on patients using them.)

The Trust does not have a wide bore scanner. 

ii) How much money was spent purchasing these extra-large scanners (if information held)? N/A

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