1. How many specialist urology/continence nurses were there within your Trust in each of the last five financial years? 11 Urology nurses in the Trust, but not all are full time (approx. 10 WTE) and are not continence trained.

2. How many hours of staff training were allocated in the last financial year, under the remit of continence care, to catheterisation? Urology nurse carried out 30 hours of catheterisation training last year.   

3. Do you have a named continence lead within your Trust? N/A

4. Are catheter passports used within your Trust?

The Trust does have a catheter passport and this has been updated this year.

a.     If no, can you provide a reason as to why?

b. If yes, has the number of passports given to patients increased over the last 5 years?The numbers of catheter passports given out has increased over 5 years.

5. If a catheter passport is used within your Trust does it contain a urine colour chart? The catheter passport does not contain a urine catheter chart.

6. Do you have a urine colour chart on every toilet door within each hospital? No

7. Do you test patients presenting with urinary bladder complications with a bladder ultrasound scanner? Patients with bladder complications are tested with a bladder scanner.

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