1. Do you routinely carry out point of care tests for bacterial and viral infections? Yes


2. In what scenarios do you use point of care testing? 

  • Screening for Urinary Tract Infection – Urinalysis
  • Respiratory distress of babies under 2 years of age – Naso-pharangeal Aspirates – seasonal
  • Rule out sepsis via Lactate – blood gas
  • CRP assessment as an infection marker – deep seated infections, bacterial throat infection
  • WBC 5 part differential as indicator of bacterial infection


3. What is the average length of time taken for results of point of care tests for bacterial and viral infections to be delivered? 10 Minutes


4. Which bacterial or viral infections do you test for specifically? a) MRSA, b) C.diff, c) E.coli, d) CPE, e) any others? RSV seasonal September to January

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