Current A&E GP streaming service:

1. What are the opening hours? Not applicable. The Trust does not currently have a GP Service.

2. How many GPs do you have working at any one time? N/A

3. What is the hourly pay? N/A

4. What is the seniority mix? N/A

5. How many GPs do you have and how many vacancies? N/A

6. What proportion are: a) locums, b) from local practices c) employed by the Trust, or d) other? (If other, please explain) N/A 

Between November 1 2017 and April 30 2018:

6. How many patients were seen through A&E GP streaming?  For the period 01 November ‘18 – 31st March there were 159 patients streamed to GPs. For the period 01 April ’18 to 20 April 18 there were 45. A total of 204 patients 

7. What proportion were: a) dealt with in full, b) sent through to A&E, c) referred to their own GP or d) other? Unknown. 

8. How many patient complaints have you received concerning A&E GP streaming? Zero

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