1. Do you receive private patients from outside the UK? Yes

What percentage of total patients does this cover? 2017-2018 = 0.4%

From which region(s) of the world? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  does not record this information centrally. Obtaining this information would require manually going through individual records. This would go above and beyond the timeframe specified under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.

      2. Does your trust engage in foreign direct investment abroad (practitioners/the trust engaging in overseas ventures, joint ventures, setting up subsidiaries of the NHS abroad…). If so roughly what percentage of your total time/work force is engaged in this activity? No

In which regions of the world? N/A

     3.  If you answered yes to questions 1 or 2, in which area(s) of health care do you provide private services? N/A

    4.   If you answered yes to questions 1 or 2, have you seen a decline or increase in private activity over the last 5 years? Do you expect to increase private provision of health care in the future? N/A

      5. What measures are taken to ensure that core NHS health services free at the point of use are protected despite these private activities? RSCH has a Policy which draws on various legislation and Department of Health (DoH) Guidelines, including: the NHS Act 1977; the Code of Conduct for Private Practice – recommended standards for Consultants (DoH 2003); and the NHS Consultants’ Terms & Conditions (DoH 2003).  The Policy’s key principle is that private practice must not result in any detriment to NHS patients or services. Clear protocols are in place to manage the relationship between NHS work and private practice and to prevent any real or perceived conflict of interest between the two. In unavoidable circumstances where there is a conflict of interest, programmed NHS commitments will normally take precedence over private work other than in clinical emergencies.  The Trust encourages private practice to be undertaken using spare capacity not required for NHS patients, or in RSCH facilities that are specifically organised, scheduled and funded for private patients. Within this context, where there would otherwise be a conflict of interest, agreed NHS commitments will take precedence over private work.

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