• Which departments are incorporated within your Workforce Division? Resourcing, e-Rostering, Payroll, Medical HR, Overseas Recruitment, Staffbank, Workforce Information, Occupational Health, Learning & Development.


  • Is Medical Staffing standalone or does it sit within HR?  Sits within the HR department.


  • What duties / responsibilities are covered by Medical Staffing? Junior doctor in training rotations, checking rota compliance using rota software, monitoring exception reports and organising payment, support Guardian of Safe Working, pre-employment checks, contracts, Consultant recruitment, advice on policy and T&Cs, Trust doctor recruitment, Payroll/contract changes using ESR, monitoring of GMC, DBS renewals, VISA monitoring, implementation of national contract changes, letter of employment – letting/mortgage references, some employee relations, coordination of relocation expenses, medical HR policy writing, salary queries, administration and co-ordination of Local CEA awards, attendance at MNC, attendance at medical education LFGs.


  • What duties / responsibilities are covered by the Medical Education Team?Monitoring performance and achieving targets for service delivery of medical education for doctors and dentists in training, providing guidance, interpretation and implementation of national policies and current legislation relating to medical education, responsibility for the delivery and evaluation of professional teaching activity and training programmes, CPD activity, induction and skills training for junior doctors and specialty trainees.  Financial responsibilities associated with educational contracts, business planning and service development, quality management of educational provision, ensuring appropriate levels of supervision for junior doctors and supervisor training, study leave administration for all doctors, policy development and support of Trainee in Difficulty, SaMT for Junior Doctors, Leadership Roles for Junior Doctors, Careers Support for Junior Doctors, Quality Indicators for Training, identify and drive forward opportunities for multi-professional learning, identifying innovative workforce approaches for filling junior doctor vacancies, member of the Trust Education Strategy Group.


  • Who is responsible for the preparation of and the day-to-day management of the Junior Doctors’ shift rota/s? Individual Specialties.

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