Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you inform me how may staff have had their employment transferred from Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to each of the following consolidated company or companies by the latest date for which figures are available:

RSCH Pharmacy Ltd – 0

Please can you provide a breakdown of what Agenda for Change pay bands those staff were on at the point when they were transferred to the consolidated subsidiary. – N/A

I would be grateful if you could inform me:

(a)   –  Whether any staff who were transferred to the named consolidated subsidiary or subsidiaries, and who remain employed by that company or companies, are no longer paid according to the Agenda for Change pay scales; and – N/A

(b)   – Whether any staff have been hired to work for such consolidated subsidiary or subsidiaries that are controlled by Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust on terms that fall outside of Agenda for Change scales. All newly employed staff of RSCH Pharmacy Ltd are employed on T&Cs outside of AfC

Can you also inform me for what reason the Trust created the named consolidated company or companies. – To provide a defined and specific outpatient pharmacy service and improve patient experience and reduce waiting times.

In all cases, should the identified company have subsequently been renamed, I would like the scope of the request to be inclusive of the renamed company.


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