1. The total amount spent by your trust on private security during:

 The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is withholding this information under Section 38 (Health and Safety) of the Freedom of Information Act.  The Trust accepts that there is a public interest in how the public purse is spent.  However, there is also a need to withhold any information that would compromise the safety of the Trust security team carrying out their role.  Moreover, the disclosure of detailed information about the Trust’s security spend could potentially divulge the level of Trust security and could therefore encourage crime and could also put patients and staff at serious risk.  In assessing the public interest, the Trust takes the view that Section 38 pertains to this request and that the public interest is best served by withholding the information.

a) 2014/15 N/A

b) 2015/16 N/A

c) 2016/17 N/A

d) 2017/18 N/A

 2. The total number of physical assaults on NHSstaff during: 

a) 2014/15 – 36

b) 2015/16 – 56

c) 2016/17 2016 (Calendar year) – 75

d) 2017/18 (April 2017 – February 2018 data only available) – 50

 Please note I am interested in physical assaults only here if possible.

 If you are unable to isolate physical assaults from all assaults, please give figures for all assaults but make it clear that you have done so.

 3 a) Does your trust currently pay for private security? Yes

b) If yes, please name the site(s) they cover Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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