1) Does your Trust already use an ePMA system for medicines management? No


1a) – If YES –  is this part of an EPR system and if so, what EPR do you use? N/A

1b)) -If YES  -but the solution is not part of an EPR, (e.g. the Trust uses a stand-alone system) can you please indicate the name of the supplier and product. Can you also detail the contract expiry date? N/A

1c) -If NO-  can you indicate if this is something you may consider procuring in the next 2 years? Yes 

1d) – If not- is there a reason why the Trust would not procure an ePMA (be this new or a replacement) N/A


2) Could you please give me the name/ title and contact details of the Trust employee who is responsible for your ePMA &/or medicines management process?  Chief Pharmacist, Pharmacy Department, Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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