1. I wish to know how much your trust has spent on specialist equipment for bariatric patients (patients over 160kg) during the last three years?

2014/15 – £15k

2015/16 – £21k

2016/17 – £23k


2. Please give a breakdown of the type of specialist bariatric equipment used by the trust and the amounts spent, split between Rental Expenditure and Purchased Equipment?

1. If equipment used is on a Rental basis, please specify if this was under a contract basis or ad hoc? Rental – contract
2. If under contract, when is this due for renewal? 01/01/2021
3. If known, who is the contract with? 1st Call Mobility


3. How many bariatric beds does the Trust own? 1

4. How many bariatric patients have been admitted to your hospital/hospitals during the past 12 & 24 months for all procedures? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not carry out bariatric surgery.

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