• Please could you provide me with a list of bodies that have been stored for over 28 days at hospital mortuary, broken down by gender, date admitted, time stored for, and if released, the date of release. Please could you limit the search to the past 36 months. Please could you provide the information in excel or csv format.

 Mortuary Figures


  • Whether you expecting any mortuary capacity issues due to cold weather this winter, and what your plans to deal with capacity issues are (if you have plans)? Additional temporary refrigerated storage installed. Memorandum of understanding with local funeral directors to provide additional storage. Pathology network allows partner trusts to assist if capacity issues persist.


  • Can you estimate what percentage of cases are referred for a social funeral? <2%


  • Could you let me know whether rising funeral costs are responsible for delays in bodies being released? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have no contact with those subject to funeral charges and therefore are unable to comment.


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