Specialling/1-1/Bed watch

I am seeking the feedback from suitably qualified NHS professionals regarding the above service.

I would very much appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.


 1. Describe or provide location of policy regarding one to one/specialling/bedwatch services at your Trust.?

Specialling Nursing Care Policy April 2017

 2. Are you satisfied with the current system?  Depending on the patient need, the Trust may request Patient Sitter, HCA, Registered Nurse or Registered Mental health Nurse.

 3. Do you currently out source 1-1 care for patients displaying challenging behaviours? The Trust would initially request additional nursing resource through the internal staff bank, this person would then either provide the 1-1 care or backfill the ward team so that a member of ward team can deliver the 1-1 care. If there is a requirement for a mental health trained nurse or a learning disability trained nurse then this would need to be requested through a nursing agency

 4. If out-sourced which department would be responsible for deciding to call additional staff onto site? The decision is made by the Matrons/ Divisional Heads of Nursing and shifts are then requested through our internal bank provider who would then manage the process of going to agency

 4.b. Which department would be responsible for arranging the contract with the service provider? If a shift is approved to go to agency, this would be an agency on the approved agency list. This would be arranged through staff bank or if out of hours by the site management team

 5. How often does the Trust require assistance with patients displaying challenging behaviours?  This information is not held centrally or in such a format that it can be extracted within the timeframe specified under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.

6. What is the current average monthly spend on these services? Approximately £57k per month

 7. What training do staff providing these services receive? This is dependent on the skills required at the time and what level of intervention is required

 7.b. What qualifications do they hold? As detailed above they may be HCA, RGN or RMN

 7.c. Is the training provided by the NHS or the Service Provider? This is dependent as above on the level of skill required. Staff employed through the bank attend the trust training and if employed via an agency the agency oversees the training that the staff undergo

 8. What are the limitations of the current service? The ability to always fill the shifts- particularly if at short notice

 Contact Details          

Who is the person or persons responsible for these services, please provide contact details of the budget holder and any other relevant staff. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not disclose the direct contact details of its employees. This is to ensure that the information provided is accurate at the time of publishing.

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