Does anyone (staff or contractors) in your organisation use/wear body cameras or body worn video recording devices while performing their duties? No.

 If yes, please detail:

Who provides the body cameras and footage/evidence management used by your organisation?

 How many staff members use body cameras and what capacities/teams do they work in?

 Are they staff or contractors (for e.g. outsourced security personnel) How many body cameras in all are currently owned and/or used by your organisation?

 Were the cameras bought as a one off purchase and if so, how much did they cost your organisation?

 If they are part of an ongoing contract – what is the current contract term (how long is it and when does it expire) and what is the value of said contract?

 Where is the data recorded stored – on premises locally or on cloud?

 Who is the point of contact for your body camera programme?

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