• What was your total annual spend on cyber security in tax years?:

          2014-2015  £0

          2015-2016 £0

          2016-2017 £0

          2017-2018 £0

  • If any, how many successful and unsuccessful cyber attacks did you have during the above years? The Trust acknowledges that there is a general public interest in disclosure.  However, the view of the Trust that Section 24 exemption pertains to the above questions is based on the judgement that by providing the specific details requested would highlight information which could be used to exploit any vulnerabilities which, in turn, could potentially endanger national security.
  • For the above years, what types of attacks or attempted attacks happened As above
  • If any attacks were successful how did this happen and how was this dealt with?  As above
  • What is your current cyber security strategy? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust cyber security strategy is currently going through the approval process.

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