1. What paint do you currently buy or specify? Including Brands if possible please Johnstones – Vinyl matt, vinyl silk, Aqua gloss.

2. Do you allow each hospital in your trust to decide themselves or is it a trust based decision? Trust based

3. What influences your decision when buying paint? Price, Historical, Specific Colours, Service? Match existing paint specification

4. How do you procure your paint? If framework, which one? 1 (or more) of 13 NHS Frameworks nationally. BYES Framework

5. Where do you buy paint from? Prices if possible please. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is unable to provide an answer for this question as the unit price and supplier is part of an maintenance contract and is covered under Section 43 of the Freedom of Information Act.

6. Do you have your own labour? If so how may painters? Or do you use an FM company? Which one? BYES FM UK

7. How much paint do you buy or specify in contract value in a year? Approximately £2,500 / year

8. Who is your FM company, main or sub-contractors? see question 6

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