Can you confirm If your doctors/surgeons are still in fact placing the Essure product at Royal Surrey Guildford All surgeons at the Royal Surrey ceased to use the Essure device upon receiving notification of the CE suspension.


We would like to ask, what guidance is actually been given to patients now? before placement due to the suspension? Patients requesting sterilisation will now be offered a laparoscopic tubal obstruction using Filshie clips or a bilateral salpingectomy.



October 2017: The device used in this procedure (Essure) no longer has a CE mark. The CE mark is necessary for medical devices to be used in EU countries.

Therefore NICE has decided to suspend its guidance. NICE would consider whether to issue new guidance on “Hysteroscopic sterilisation by insertion of intrafallopian implants” should evidence including an appropriately CE marked device become available.

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