1. How much money has your trust spent on debt-collection services over the last three financial years?
Please provide this information broken down by financial year for 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17.
Please see below. 

2. For the same three financial years, please state how much money was collected by these debt-collection services?
Please break down by the same years as above.
Please see below. 

3. At the end of the financial year, what was the largest outstanding debt owed by a single patient? (to clarify, this question refers only to individuals, not companies). Please provide the sum, and state whether the patient was a British patient who had undergone private treatment, or a patient from overseas. Please state what services treatment they received.


Debt Recovery Debt Recovery Largest Outstanding
Financial Year Expenditure £ Income £ Debt £ Detail


1,634.31 9,135.90 4,145.00 Overseas Visitor – inpatient treatment Cardiology



5,044.50 11,853.25 10,633.35 Overseas Visitor – inpatient treatment Urology



2,078.31 6,176.89 11,966.64 Overseas Visitor – inpatient treatment Oncology
Total 8,757.12 27,166.04 26,744.99

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