How many patients were treated for cancer by your trust each year since 2010?  The total number of cancer treatment and individual patients treated for each complete year from 2010 by Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:


2010: 6440 treatments – 4653 patients.

2011: 6916 treatments – 4931 patients.

2012: 7120 treatments – 5163 patients.

2013: 7315 treatments – 5324 patients.

2014: 7294 treatments – 5440 patients.

2015: 7646 treatments – 6249 patients.

2016: 8437 treatments – 6310 patients.


How many of these patients in each year were ‘self-funders’ or paid the trust for their treatment, either personally or through an insurer and other third party? 

What was the total amount of money raised in this way for each year? 

How many patients for each year were ordinary NHS patients, ie patients whose care was free at the point of delivery?


The information requested is not held centrally by Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and to obtain this information patient records would require to be pulled from a patient administration system and manually cross checked against patient data held on another system recording cancer patients, which will involve thousands of records.    Therefore, the cost of compliance would exceed the appropriate limit under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.


How many designated cancer wards does your trust have for each year since 2010? The Trust has one dedicated cancer ward.  Cancer patients having surgery or being treated will also use the 4 surgical wards, a DSU and Short Stay Surgery wards and will also be treated across the Medical Wards.


How many wards, if any, were for ‘self-funders’ and how many were for ordinary NHS patients for each year since 2010? Zero

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