1. Do you provide a service to see urgent/emergency ophthalmology patients? What do you call this service? Urgent care + shared out of hours. 

2. Is it a walk in service or booked 9-5 or other (please explain)? All are booked referrals 8-6 daily on AM + PM sessions. 

3. Do you have a telephone triage for new referrals? Who triages these calls and how? Telephone hot line triage + follow up by fax – trained Ophthalmic nurses. 

4. What type of staff work in your emergency clinic seeing patients? And how many are present per session? One doctor is allocated one Emergency clinic the nurses assist where necessary. 

5. How is consultant supervision provided? Do you have a Primary care consultant for eye casualty? We always have Consultants in clinic for support. 

6. How many patients do you see on an average day, week & month? 5 clinics per week of 12 patients. 

7. Are follow up appointments made in the same emergency clinic? What proportion per day are follow up patients?  Yes if within 2 weeks otherwise they are booked into the relevant consultants clinic depends sometimes half are follow ups.

8. What do you use to record the examination of patients? We use patient notes and eye notes. 

9. If you have one, what is the tariff cost allocated to new and follow up patients seen as an emergency in the Ophthalmology department? No separate tariff.

10. Who sees and triages out-of-hours emergency patients? What is classified as out-of-hours? One on call doctor with consultant cover 5pm-9am, cover provided by another unit, walk in 24 hours same as day time service. Weekend cover provided by a trainee and consultant all day. All of the above provided by 3 hospitals. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Ashford Hospital and St Peters Hospital.

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