• How many locations does the Trust have? 6
  • Please confirm if the Trust is in contract for a managed print service? No
  • Does this include MFD’s and printers?  N/A
  • Please confirm contract number and dates? N/A
  • Please confirm who the contract was awarded to? N/A
  • Please confirm procurement route used? N/A
  • Please confirm name of trust employee that is responsible for the management of the printer estate for the trust. Head of IT Service Operations
  • Please confirm if you currently reclaim the VAT on the managed service contractN/A
  • Please confirm if you intend to go out the tender next time or call off an existing framework? If so please indicate which one? Yes
  • Please confirm if paper is included in the contract? If not please confirm the annual spend on paper per annum Paper is NOT included.
  • How many MFD’s does the Trust have? 79
  • What is the annual spend on MFD’s – including; lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges £114,726 (w/o VAT)
  • How many printers does the Trust have? 600
  • What is the annual spend on printers – including; lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges £117, 368
  • Please confirm the annual volumes of mono and colour prints? The Trust does not record this information centrally.
  • Do you have any mobile print capabilities?  No.
  • Do you have any secure print capabilities? Yes.

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