1. How many blue-light filtering intraocular lenses did your Trust implant during cataract surgery in 2016? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not record this information centrally. In order to obtain this, the Trust would have to manually extract this from individual health care records which would take above and beyond the time frame specified under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.

 1a. How many patients does this correspond to? N/A

 2. What is the total figure of all lenses that were implanted during cataract surgery by your Trust in 2016? 1,889. 

2a. What proportion of these lenses were blue-light filtering intraocular lenses? As per Q1.

 3. On how many occasions in 2016 was your Trust required to replace blue-light filtering intraocular lenses that were implanted during cataract surgery? As per Q1. 

3a. How many patients does this correspond to? N/A

 4. Does the Trust have a policy on whether or not to use blue-light filtering intraocular lenses? No written policy in place. 

4a. If so, can you provide details of this policy? N/A 

5. Has the Trust increased or decreased its use of blue-light filtering intraocular lenses in the last five years? Please provide a breakdown of usage over the last five years. As per Q1.

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