2. Full description of information required

For each of your hospitals separately, please could you provide me with:

1.    How many bed days were lost in financial year 2016/17 whilst undertaking effective decontamination (Hydrogen Peroxide vaporising/fogging/UV): –

A)   following discharge/transfer of patient/s with known/suspected infections e.g. Cdiff/ Multi drug infections (i.e proactive) Zero

B)   Following an outbreak of infection Zero

2.    A. Make and number of hydrogen peroxide vaporising fogging machines currently in use Zero

B. Make and number of ultraviolet machines currently in use Zero

C. Make and number of “other” (please state) types of decontamination machines                       currently in use Zero

3     Is decontamination undertaken internally or through a managed service?  If a managed service, please state which company. Externally – Hygiene Solutions.

4.    If applicable, please specify the length of down time post room decontamination following hydrogen peroxide vaporising fogging for:

a. single side rooms 1 single room unavailable for 1 episode for 6-8 hours

b. 4 bedded rooms.N/A








  1. If a managed service, what company?



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