• When was your voluntary services’ department established? September 1992
  • What were the arrangements for the recruitment, management, and retention of your volunteers before the department was established? Voluntary Services was set up as a new department within the Royal Surrey County Hospital in 1992.
  • How many paid staff are employed in the department and how long have they been in post? One full time Manager, in post 25 years and  one part time Co-ordinator  5 years.
  • Are these staff affiliated to any nationally accredited professional bodies (please advise which bodies)? National Association of Voluntary Services Managers.
  • Number of hospital volunteers in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, plus the current number of volunteers? 1980 and 1990 – no records exist .  2000, 2010 and to date the number of volunteers is stable at around 400 plus 130 student volunteers (student volunteers join the ward teams one evening a week for a period of six months).
  • Please give examples of jobs or areas covered by the hospital volunteers. Patient contact and non-patient contact role: meet and greet volunteers, ward volunteers, activities team, admin team, trolley team, clinic team, chaplaincy, outpatient team, therapists, counsellors, gardeners, fundraisers, student volunteer team.
  • Does the hospital have volunteers from external organisations or charities e.g. Toc-H, League of Friends, Chaplaincy volunteers, hospital radio, RVS and what arrangements are made for these volunteers? No
  • Do you reimburse volunteers for travelling expenses, car parking or beverages whilst volunteering? Complementary parking permit, travelling expenses reimbursement, lunch voucher for volunteers working a day.

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