1. How many car parking sites fall under the remit of the Royal Surrey County Hospital? 1749

2. Roughly how many spaces do they provide in total across all sites? 1749

3. Does the organisation manage their Car Parks directly (go to Q5) or via a Third Party (go to Q4)? Third Party

4. If managed by a Third Party: 

a. Who is the provider CP Plus 

b. Dates of the contract duration (from/to)? Ends September 2018 

c. What is the basis of the contract (build/operate; land lease; management only etc)? Car park management/enforcement and external security 

d. Any pros/cons of this arrangement?  This arrangement works well for the Trust currently.

5. How is parking currently controlled, e.g. POF, P&D, Permit, parking officers, barrier control, in/out global counting, bay occupancy? Visitor parking is dual pay and display/ pay on exit (no barriers). Staff parking is permit based.

6. Are you currently able to readily identify any patterns of use of particular zones/bay types/long or short term stays etc and collate this data to address specific problems areas on certain days/time periods?
Car parking demand is nearly always high with peaks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to coincide with Outpatient clinics. All parking areas are full on these days at times.

7. What existing customer service focused measures are in place, e.g. information provided at entry points, visual guidance to zones/bays with available spaces, on-site support staff? Staff on hand in car park and parking office, signs, leaflets (how to use machines).

8. What are the key challenges that the Royal Surrey County Hospital face in regards to the provision of parking for patients/carers/visitors?
Lack of spaces.

9. What are the key challenges that the Royal Surrey County Hospital face in regards to the provision of parking for staff? Lack of spaces.

10. Do you attend any conferences/events that focus on best practice in the management of parking/land use which you would recommend as good networking opportunities? Yes

11. Who is the person responsible for Car Parks in your organisation (Name, Title, telephone and direct email) Darren Little (darrenlittle@nhs.net)


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