I am investigating/studying the corporate arrangement made within your trust with respect to the Car parking charges and the charges to use the bedside TV and Telephone portal.

Therefore could you please forward the commercial agreements between the trust and private companies related to the car parking and the TV/ Phone portals.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is withholding information in relation to the commercial contract between the Trust and the 3rd party who manages car parking on the basis of the exemption contained within section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (Commercial Interests).

The Trust accepts that there is a public interest in how public money is spent; however there is also a need to withhold information that would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust and/or third parties.  In assessing the public interest, the Trust takes the view that this would be the case in this instance when the terms and conditions of this contract is commercially sensitive and if it were made available on the open market, it would inform competitors of the terms of business and financial agreements and therefore would prejudice any future outcomes.

Further information about the Trust car parking facilities is also readily available by visiting the Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosure log on past FOI responses on this subject – https://www.royalsurrey.nhs.uk/freedom-of-information/foi-disclosure-log/

With regard to the commercial agreements between the Trust and private companies related to TV/Phone portals the Trust does not have a commercial agreement for this service.   Patients who decide to use the bedside equipment enter into contract direct with the 3rd party, Premier Telecom Contracts.

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