1. How many cyber attacks were registered against your hospital’s computers and website pages in each of the last five financial years, including 2017-18 to date? Zero.

  • Could you please provide a figure broken down for each financial year? N/A
  • Can you please list examples of the types of cyber attack, for instance ransomware, phishing attacks, malware virus incidents and social engineering attacks? N/A

2. From which countries did the cyber attack originate? N/A

3. Where possible, can you give details of the nature of any security breaches or operational impact which resulted from cyber attacks or e-crimes against your hospitals? N/A

  • Could you please list whether diagnostic equipment such as scanners, including MRI scanners were affected and for how long? N/A

4. Is your hospital trust using external companies to help them prevent cyber attacks and if so how much is the trust paying for their services? No.

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