• I would like to know what the trust currently uses to seal clinical waste bags and the annual quantity purchased (as well as the annual cost to the Trust if possible)? The Trust uses area, department and ward printed sticky tape to seal and identity clinical waste bags.In the financial year 2016/17 the cost to Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was £6,143.40.
  • I would also like to know where the trust purchases these products from, i.e. is it direct from a supplier or from the NHS Supply Chain? Fastnet Tapes Limited
  • Who is responsible for purchasing this product? Individual departments and wards
  • How does the trust provide an audit trail for their clinical waste? After taping or labelling clinical waste packages they are placed into 770 litre UN approved clinical waste bins which are individually tagged with the trust details and waste type. This gets scanned when collected and scanned again on receipt at the waste disposal facility by the clinical waste contractor.

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