Could you please let me know the locum spend in the Cardiology department in each hospital from January 2016 to May 2017 or your most recent records. If possible could you please also let me know the spend of each individual locum that the department has in each individual hospital by job title and band of locum.


Please find attached the locum spend in the Cardiology Department for Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust from January 2016 to May 2017.  Total spend has been provided for each month and individual job titles have not been provided due to the potential to identify.


Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Dec-16 Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17
–          145          10,047 –         9,507                   270             180 –          531               27 –            30 –          456                Zero                 Zero                  Zero               443                Zero                  Zero                  Zero                  Zero  



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