1. What is the trust target time for an urgent suspected cancer (USC) referral for an MRI scan?

There is not a target time for referral for an MRI from a TWR referral – it will depend on the clinical presentation and diagnostic requirements of each individual patient.

2. If question 1 does not apply, what is the trust target time for a USC referral to have a diagnostic test/report?

The diagnostic target for a TWR referral is to be scanned within 2 weeks of the request date.

3. How many of the referrals from questions 1 and 2 have failed to meet these targets in the year 1/4/16 – 1/4/17? If the data is available please may I have the amount who have not met the MRI waiting time? If that data is unavailable may I have the amount that have failed to  meet the target time for a USC referral to a diagnostic test/report?

If the request is clearly marked TWR , the blood test results are available, the patient is available and there are no contraindications then 98% TWRs are done within 2 weeks. TWR not scanned within 2 weeks would be due to contraindications for MRI e.g. waiting for manufacturer information regarding a stent.

4. Is there a financial penalty if either above target is not met? If so what is this penalty?

There are no financial penalties linked to these referrals.

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