1. The name and job title of your current clinical chief information officer(s) (CCIO) Dr Andrew Carne. 

2. The name and job title of your current clinical safety officer(s) (CSO) Post vacant. 

3. Were any computers, tablets, mobile devices at your trust affected by the recent Ransomware (WannaCry) ‘attack’? No
a) If yes, was any patient data lost (e.g. progress notes, pathology results, radiology results, medication history etc.)? Please specify what data was lost and over what time frame. 

4. If you were not affected the ransomware, did you limit/prevent clinical staff access to computers/other devices as a precaution? No 

5. Do you utilise a managed service for cybersecurity, or manage it internally using commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions? 
a) If a managed service – please can you name the provider?
b) If COTS solution – please can you name all the products used?
Yes.  Sophos, Zenworks, Manage Engine

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