1. Do you have a dedicated unit for providing care to private patients? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not have dedicated unit providing care to private patients

2. What facilities do you have for private patients?  Specifically, how many consulting rooms, dedicated theatres, number of beds? The Trust does not have dedicated consulting rooms, dedicated theatres and beds.

3. What volume of private patients have you seen in the last 3 complete financial years, split by Inpatients, outpatients and diagnostics? Please find below table confirming the total number of private patients that have been seen in the last 3 financial years:

Activity 14/15 15/16 16/17
IP 215 346 666
OP 5739 6266 5967


4.What is the income (revenue) from private patients, for each of the last 3 complete financial years?  Please also split this into income from: self pay patients, private medical insurers, overseas patients and other. Please find below table confirming the income from private patients for the last 3 financial years, split by income:

14/15 15/16 16/17
Insurance 2311 3510 4254
Self-pay 284 213 446
Others (see note below) 200 97 164
2795 3820 4864


Please note: Others (including Accruals, adjustment, other hospitals and non insurance companies).


5. What is the total surplus or profit made from private patients over the last 3 complete financial years? The Trust does not record this information in a central reporting system.

6. What is the current price, for a private patient paying for their own care (self pay), for the most common hip replacement procedure you perform privately. The Trust does not provide this service.

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