1. How many desktop PC’s and laptops do you own? 2766

2. Of those many of these run the operating system Window’s XP? 12

3. In which areas, offices or departments are those machines that still run Windows XP being used? Offices and Clinical areas

4. Is there any plan or policy to upgrade or change any existing Windows XP machines? If so what is the cost and timescale of this plan? Yes. These machines deliver applications which are not compatible with later versions of Windows. Negotiations are on-going with the 3rd party application vendors.

5. What are the costs in the financial year 2017/18 for any on-going security support to running any remaining Windows XP machines? (For example, in the form of a contract with a technology company that is supplying support or a budget for costs associated with continuing Windows XP security) Zero, under review.

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